BJ48-200S 51.2V/48V 200AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Bank

Short Description:

51.2V 200AH 10240WH

Easy to install on the floor

Suitable for wide range of inverters with 48V system

Modular design for easy scalable

Battery module can be fully charged in shorter time.

95% DOD High performance



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Stack design , wheels can be removed, easy to install.

Using lithium iron phosphate BYD brand new original battery pack, the cycle life is up to 4000 times, and the life span is more than 12 years.

Dust-proof structure design, DC output, safe and reliable. The BMS compartment is easy to replace.

Integrated dangerous goods standard packaging, safe and convenient transportation.


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1.Various protection functions for charging and discharging2.Hardware discharge over - current, short - circuit protection function processing3.Reserve discharge control switch and discharge temperature protection position4.Very low static consumption current5.Smart : communication interface RS485, RS232, CAN

Storage and Transportation

According to the characteristics of the cells, it is necessary to create a suitable environment for the transportation of lithium iron phosphate battery packs to protect the batteries. The battery should be stored in a dry, clean and well-ventilated warehouse at -20-45.

The battery pack can only be square or wall mounted vertically. When installing the battery, be careful not to fall or tip over.

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